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From physical reality to virtual content!



We specialize in creating superb designed and produced multimedia installations

  • original multimedia installations for permanent and occasional exhibitions
  • multi-touch info tables for museums and interpretation centres, shopping malls, shops…
  • touch video walls for museums and interpretation centres, shopping malls, shops…
  • video, animated and interactive projections at various Walls, buildings, interiors…
  • custom mobile applications for museums and interpretation centres
  • complete solution – from concept to realization

Multimedia content we created for our Clients

Permeation of the physical and virtual world

Your museum or interpretation center is a place for free exploration.

Let’s design together solutions that will connect the physical and virtual worlds, so that these worlds in synergy create a unique and intuitive experience in which visitors will have fun and learn something new.

Multi-touch info desks and custom mobile apps are great platforms for such experiences!

Immerse yourself in virtual worlds with projections in space.


What can we do for you?

Multimedia and visitors

Multimedia installations in museum galleries, as well as in other spaces, can range from just one interactive screen in a separate exhibition to a fully integrated exhibition and a technologically designed information space. The interweaving of technological possibilities with physical space opens up many possibilities as interpretive material, which complements the main exhibition.

Multimedia interpretive systems can provide a wide range of information and experiences on exhibition topics and thus significantly enrich the visitor experience.

Multimedia allows the visitor more than formatted data and textual information. It includes interactive multimedia, hypermedia, image display programs, digital video, computer graphics, virtual and augmented reality, and computer-controlled interactive screens and experiences.

Some more multimedia content we created

Content for a multi-touch info table or info wall

Multi-touch info desks have become the standard for displaying larger amounts of interactive content in contemporary world interpretation centers and museums. The entire table surface is interactive and allows the visitor to explore the contents that interest him most with the touch of a finger.

Research has shown that multi-touch info desks have many advantages over interactive totems or video walls. The content of the video walls opens up to the entire space, while using the multi-touch info desk the visitor can maintain a certain level of privacy and view the content of interest to him in peace. Also, using the info-desk is easier for longer content exploration, as your hands don’t have to be in the air all the time.

The info desk also offers strong potential for developing a unique experience that connects the digital and physical worlds. It can contain iconic objects closely related to the theme of your museum or interpretation center, which offer an opportunity to design a new creative experience. How? For example, if your museum wants to teach visitors about an endangered frog species, there will be three frog figurines on the table. The visitor needs to arrange the frogs in the right place to unlock additional content on the info desk.

Custom made application

Your visitors are sure to carry their smartphone everywhere with a number of applications installed that they use every day. During a visit to your museum or interpretation centre, they will surely check the notifications on their smartphone frequently. Since smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives, why not use them as part of your experience?

Here’s how a mobile app can become an integral part of the visitor experience at your museum or interpretation centre:


  • The application offers key information at your fingertips – opening hours, nearby catering facilities, public transport information
  • the app offers useful information on nearby attractions and booking accommodation
  • the app can serve as a handy audio guide – since the vast majority of visitors have a smartphone, you don’t have to invest in special devices with headphones
  • the application guides the user through the experience, presenting thematic routes and connecting fun educational content with specific locations
  • the app provides an augmented reality experience, adding to the viewing area virtual content that revives the past or gives a new look at nature
  • the app provides a gaming experience, making browsing more dynamic and stimulating
  • the app offers a diary experience, allowing the visitor to record their research experience and translate it into a digital memory

After sightseeing, the visitor can keep the application on their smartphone, which provides the ability to create content that will remind the visitor of your museum and when he leaves.

7 reasons why we think we are the best for the job

  • our multidisciplinary team excels in both the technical and creative part of creating multimedia installations
  • we follow the latest technological achievements
  • we understand the new medium in all its peculiarities, creating content that is completely adapted to it
  • we understand the needs imposed by the marketing strategy or creative study, creating experiences that fit into the whole
  • behind us are years of experience in working with brands, as well as in developing content and experiences for interpretation centres and museums
  • we are inspired by indigenous stories that we want to present to tourists in a contemporary way
  • we understand that technology is not an end in itself – it is just a tool for creating an unforgettable experience

What do you get?

ključ u ruke, potpuna usluga, kreativna rješenja, kreativa

design and production of multimedia installations – interactive tables, mobile applications and gamification

whiteboard sa, promišljena kreativa, kreativna rješenja, kreativa

we create experiences that fit perfectly into your marketing strategy or the umbrella concept of your museum

medalja sa elementima kreative: art, script, foto, video, film, vizualizacija, izrada, kreativa i kvaliteta, multimedijska instalacija

only imagination is the limit because everything can be done with the greatest production values

What can we do for you?