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reboot brojka produkcija

Whether it’s because of the magic and the proximity of the sea, or what brings together top gaming industry professionals from around the world, on Reboot in three days, you can hear, see and experience so many new useful and motivating things. On the Reboot, you are able to restart your own system, in every sense of that word.

Speakers, not lecturers

At the conference, we listened to 149 speakers on 9 parallel tracks. Yes, there are no lecturers on Reboot, they are called speakers. They briefly and very casually present the point of their speech, present relevant information and the rest is conversation. We ask questions and they provide the answers, which often last even after the panel. All speakers are extremely friendly and they answer all of the questions. If not at the lecture, or immediately after, then at the party.

Themes are various, there is something for everyone; from tech, design and artistic, to industry and business. Those who want to know more, can choose between offered workshops and, from a practical point of view, get into the topic that interests them.

Like a kid in the candy store

As Reboot is a conference and a kind of gaming showcase, where many indie and other game developers exhibit their latest works, the time between lectures, we spent visiting the stands and trying out various games. I was stuck on a mobile game https://fmf.libertyfield.net/ where a priest (i.e. me) performs the remission of sins or sins with people in his parish. Long story short – it is not easy being a priest! Sin is like a virus. After resolving my mission  unsuccessfully, I returned to Reboot, looking for games with easier missions.

An interesting stand was from a friend from Serbia, Clock drive games studio, which offered a game https://www.indiedb.com/games/warlander, but also a  glass of plum brandy as a welcome present for newcomers. Warlander is a third-person RPG action game, in which there’s a lot of swords fighting. Since I’m not very fast on the sword or a  trigger, I pursued on in search of a visually exciting game and stumbled upon https://lightanddarkgame.com/. I was thrilled by this comic visual approach and the intriguing play of darkness and light in an old abandoned house. The task is to discover everything in the dark, to defeat various enemies with the help of a flashlight and other luminous things that you find along the way. Visually attractive, full of details and witty jokes…the game has drawn me into it’s web. I will definitely study it more. After a whole day of lectures and games, the evening is reserved for informal gatherings at the party.

Fun and games

Every conference has a party. Reboot has two of them, two main ones but also an extra one, that is sort of unofficial. Parties are a place where you can talk to everyone about everything. Whether you want to start a topic from the conference or start talking about life with someone new, you can do anything! Relaxed and casual, with lots of laughter, dancing and great music. New acquaintances and collaborations are made.

Everything must come to an end.

The conference officially ends with the “Indie awards” in 6 different categories. This year’s main prize went to FAR: Lone sails, https://www.far-game.com/, a Zurich studio. It is an adventure game in which you travel the ocean, following the footsteps of an antient and prosperous civilization. Judging by the successes so far, FAR will sail quite far in its efforts to give us an unforgettable, fun and atmospheric experience. We wish them a calm sea. Thanks the organizers for an exceptional event, and see you soon!

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