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18. May 2019. PRODUCTION


Brojka produkcija employees education

Suppose you think that informal trainings, workshops, lectures, conferences and team building are made for a better impression of your company. In that case, I hope that this blog will convince you and that: “If we want to work better, more and stronger, we must become such ourselves”. Every day we are aware of one unquestionable fact: everything changes constantly. If we put this in the context of business and business processes, we quickly realize that business is not the same as it was 20, 10 or even just 5 years ago. The turbulence of the market and the economy, caused mainly by the development of technology, requires different skills and knowledge and the constant adaptation. The job for which we were qualified yesterday is something differently today. It uses new terminology, technology, processes and requires new knowledge and skills. Communication and interpersonal skills and time management are becoming more important than multitasking skills and understanding the basics of informatics. In other words, it becomes more important how much the employee is willing to improve than how much actual knowledge about the job he brings to the table. The partial answer to market change lies within us; the easiest way to get used to change is to change ourselves – through training and constant education.

Most employers today understand that constant investment in HR development in the form of employee education, brings companies a significant competitive advantages in the market. But let’s not forget us, workers and individuals, to whom constant improvement brings an inescapable sense of security, self-confidence and general growth of our own capabilities and potential.

Education within companies, can be related to changing or applying some new technologies to business processes, moving or improving employees to other positions, as well as teaching new employees who meet processes, technologies and colleagues for the first time. In order to become part of the team and be effective as soon as possible, new employees need to quickly adopt to new terms, the way they perform tasks and adopt the way of communication and relationships among other employees.

For this and other reasons, employers will soon decide to make promo (educational) films, which will help the future employees of their company to convey all the information they need to perform their tasks and master them quickly. Imagine how much time is saved by this approach. If you have 20 new employees in one department – all you need is a link to your promo (educational) film that you will share with them and the video will do the educational work. What are the advantages of a such promo video? The possibilities of interaction (infographics, quiz questions…) are, again, thanks to the development of technology, unlimited. This type of education is useful and effective for every type of company and applicable to all types of business.

One of the educational tools we produce at Brojka is a promo (or educational) video. This form of education is especially well applicable in systems with a significant fluctuation of people where there is always someone who needs some sort of instruction. We made one promo video for one big Client, and it’s purpose was to show new employees the whole company, each department and instruct them in well-established business processes. Having fun writing the script, and finally the shooting itself, we also learned something about the company’s business processes and departments. This type of education was extremely interesting and useful for new employees, and getting used to a new job was significantly shortened. Learning and getting to know your new job can be original and creative, with a video explaining all the business tricks down to the last detail. Given the development of technology, the possibilities for interaction are limitless.

Therefore, if you still think that it is unnecessary to invest in yourself, your knowledge and your employees’ knowledge, think again. And do not forget that behind successful companies are people who have led to this success, with their knowledge, effort and time.

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